Friday, 23 October 2009

new artists in shop

We have 2 new artists in the shop. The first does mosaic glass art work which you can put in the garden. Very different and a little funky. They are different shapes such as bugs, butterflys, motor bike and are very reasonably priced. The second lady does more traditional stained glass hangers with little boats on them. Again very attractive.
Have been training a new staff member. I realise that with over 60 crafts persons and another 30 plus categories the till is quite complicated. We got on very well so i have high hopes that i will be freed up to spend more time creating.
One of my regular artists brought some more clocks into the shop. These have sold very well. They are different shapes such as a cat, ice cream cone, champagne bottle, etc. All hand painted and decorated.
To-day Friday i have taken time out to spend with my husband. We went to Dartmouth where i always love looking at the small independent shops. One of my suppliers(Simon Drew) has 2 shops there. He is a very successful artist and one of the best sellers in my shop.
I went to a card making course at Finishing Touches in Totnes with a friend of mine. The topic was shaper cards. It was interesting and we completed 3 xmas themed cards. I hope to post some pictures. I am always amazed at how fast some people are. I treat these sessions as pleasure so it is nice to take some time as my work for sale is always against the clock.
I have a bunch pf bookwork to catch up with. This is like the Forth Bridge painting (i Never catch up).
The shop has been fairly busy and the new items are selling well.
Bye for now

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